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Aging Services

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Thriving@Home is designed to help adults over 60 years of age, regardless of income, manage their homes and remain independent.  We are dedicated to helping aging adults enjoy more time in their homes with less stress.

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Homemaker Services

Our housekeeping staff provides support with regularly scheduled cleaning.  This includes dusting, sweeping, dishes, organizing closets, countertops, cupboards, meal prep, changing linens, and other light housekeeping tasks.  Our Homemakers can also run errands like grocery shopping and pharmacy pickup. 


Chore Services

Chore Services can be provided by our housekeeping staff or other volunteers or staff and include things like, vacuuming, washing walls, scrubbing bathrooms, changing furnace filters, checking and replacing smoke alarms, painting, filling softener salt bins, and other minor repairs.


Assisted Transportation

You need a ride, no friends or family can take you, and the bus or cab are not realistic options.  Register for our Volunteer Assisted Transportation program.  Rides can be arranged in advance(we prefer at least two weeks notice) to go to local business, medical / dental appointments, to visit loved ones, or run errands.  Some trips require you to go to St. Cloud or the Twin Cities metro area.We have some volunteers who will provide transportation to these appointments.  Not all appointments are guaranteed.

Services are provided by volunteers who use their own vehicle to transport riders.  All volunteers have had background checks, and training and are reimbursed by the program to provide transportation.  The cost of this service is dependent upon your monthly gross income and is a per/mile charge.


Caregiver Consulting

Has your live changed due to the role you play in caring for someone else? If the answer is "YES" then you are a caregiver.Caregivers are people who change their own routines to fit the needs of another person, in order to provide them with assistance or help when they cannot take care of themselves.

What is Caregiver Consulting?

Trained professionals in caregiving techniques, stress reduction strategies, and problem solving, assist caregiving individuals with issues that may be causing stress, health related issues, family issues, and difficulty for the caregiver in living and thriving while caring for someone.Individual consultations are provided for 4 or 5 sessions, resources are identified and action plans are initiated to help a caregiver cope with the stress of this important job.The cost of Caregiver Consulting is dependent upon gross household income.  Services are available so please call today if you need help!


Friendly Visiting

If you are feeling lonesome, or isolated, or maybe you have a neighbor that doesn't get many visitors.  WCCA can provide a trained caring volunteer to pay a visit. We even have a mobile activity library that can accompany visitors to make your time together more enjoyable.

How does Friendly Visiting Work?

Our Home Visiting program is called BREAD, Books, Reading, Encouragement and Discovery.  We have programs in Howard Lake and Montrose currently and are hoping to establish visitors throughout Wright County to provide some companionship when things get lonely.  There is a cost share(we ask you to help support the program on a sliding fee scale).If you need someone to pay a visit, a trained caring friendly volunteer can add you to their schedule for a monthly visit.


Technical Help and Education

WCCA can provide basic technical assistance with device hookup, internet modems, and configuration of apps for your television or portable devices.  Need help organizing your phone or saving photos and files where you can find them later? Give us a call and we will set up an appointment time to pay you a visit.  We may be able to help you troubleshoot over the phone.  We do not provide repair of devices or home computers but we can recommend a local resource to provide you with that help if needed.  If you need help with learning a software or application, let us know, we may be able to help.  Cost of service is dependent upon your monthly gross income.

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