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Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Our Foreclosure Prevention Counseling program is a free program that assists homeowners who find themselves near, or in the process of in foreclosure.

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WCCA's counselor analyzes each client’s situation and may offer one-on-one counseling to help them understand their current mortgage status, review their budget, and offer options designed to prevent foreclosure.

The counselor frequently assists the homeowners in applying for and submitting loan modification applications. Loan modification may alter the terms of a mortgage to make it affordable for the homeowner under their current economic conditions. Our counselor helps homeowners prepare the modification request and actively participates in lender communication.

The counselor also provides information on services, resources and programs available in Wright County that might address other related household needs. We suggest that clients in danger of foreclosure seek counseling as soon as possible to learn about the foreclosure process and timeline in Minnesota. The earlier a client signs up for the program, the more options our counselors are able to provide.

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